1 - What programs do you use for meshing/ texturing?
  • sims4studio for creating the packages.
  • blender/ marvelous designer for meshing.
  • photoshop for texturing.
2 - I want to start creating content, where should I start?
I suggest you to start making recolors, that´s how I started. You can find several tutorials about many subjects on sims4studio here
These are the tutorials that helped me a lot: 
  1. All SLYD´s tutorials.
  2. How to create skin-tight clothing.
  3. How to create acessories (video).
  4. How to create marvelous designer meshes guide.
  5. Create clothing INSIDE MD (video).
3 - How do you make smooth textures with marvelous designer meshes?
Before I work with the mesh, I make sure to smooth it with the ´sculpt´ tool on blender, so it won´t look like paper etc. Although, nowadays I´ve been using a different technique:
  1. first, I export a very high polycount mesh from MD, and then I transform the mesh from TRIS to QUADS, which reduces the polycount and keep the mesh details.
  2. Bake the normal map.
  3. Bake a smooth texture with subdivision surface.
4 - Why don´t you make tutorials? 
I´m working on this… Meanwhile, you can find a bunch of tutorials on the internet about meshing etc. The thing is: I´m not the best person to explain stuff, but feel free to send me a message :)
5 - Where do you download your cc?
  1. sssvitlans
  2. The Sims Resource
  3. Tumblr: #s4cc #ts4cc tags.
  4. Search for specific stuff on google.
6- Do you accept requests?
No, but I accept suggestions, which, don´t mean I´ll take them :)
7-I hate ads, but I want to download your content?
No worries, you can also find my content on TheSimsResource here.

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