About the Collection

about the collection

Was created to be a gift from 3k followers who were conquered on tumblr. It is a gift to all the people who have helped this creator to grow within the community.

This collection contains a wide variety of solid colors and prints. These prints were simply downloaded in google images (hehe), but were specially selected according to the theme I had in mind.

The solid colors were chosen from color palettes generated from images in which I was inspired by this collection.

The Dream Palette

Each color has its name. The site that generates them, not me haha.
This color palette has exclusively cold tones, almost neons, on a purple/lavender scale. I chose them because they make me feel serene, and they remind me of a mystical and fanciful place; a dream.

The Warm Winter Palette

You must be wondering, why this complex name?
As you can see, this palette of colors contains warm colors, but they are light shades, pastels. That's why I call it winter; because it's as clear as cold weather, like snow. And ´warm´ is because these colors remind me of Christmas lights, the candle flame, and the fireplace, and it gives me a feeling of comfort, as if I were in my room, warmed up. Room where I have dreams.

The Basic Pastels Palette

The Tropical Palette

The Nudes Palette

Until now, it was created a romper, a tank and a bra. I already send them to some testers, on tumblr. But the collection will include:

​- 1 romper

- 1 velvet dress

- 1 tank top

- 1 high-waisted skirt

- 1 patterned legging

- 1 necklace

- 1 acc metallic bra

- 1 turtle neck top

you can check what the testers make on my tumblr: www.serenity-cc.tumblr.com


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